The door opens, and a bell jingles. You are walk into the cafe. A black cat wearing glasses and an apron stands next to a table, wiping it down.

“Oh, hi there!” they say. “I was just getting things ready. This is a place where animals and humans can interact peacefully. Let me pull up a chair for you.” You try and protest, but the cat pulls a chair across the floor. “Now, what can I get you to drink?”

You order a latte. The cat makes their way behind the counter, their tail swishing. There is the hiss of a steamer and the sound of an espresso shot being poured. Soon the cat returns with a latte in a ceramic mug. You drink you latte. It's not he best you've ever had, but it's pretty good. The cat goes back behind the counter and continues getting everything ready.

“You know,” says the cat, “when you work at a coffee shop, you get to meet people from all over the community. And sometimes they have interesting stories to tell. Would you like to hear some?”

You take a sip from your latte and nod. The cat grabs a spray bottle and starts wiping down the counter. Then they begin to tell their story as they work...